Join a national movement of people taking action with remote Aboriginal communities from the Northern Territory at the Power of Country Tour. You will hear from an inspirational First Nations panel who are on the front lines of the fight against fracking. Joining them will be energy experts explaining just how great the threat of gas is for our climate and why it can't be part of our transition.

A brighter future is possible, with clean renewable energy that doesn’t wreck water, trash land rights and sacrifice communities for profit. Come to the Power of Country Tour and find out how you can take action to secure a safe climate future for everyone.

About the alliance

We are a movement of Traditional Owners, First Nations people, Northern Territory communities and allies around Australia who believe in the Power of Country.

For Aboriginal people, Country means everything within the landscape; water, air, trees, rocks, plants, animals, foods, medicines, stories and sacred sites. Country is also used for cultural practices, knowledge, songs, stories and art, as well as the people: past, present and future.

The power of Aboriginal communities comes from the Country and its people. The time for digging and burning fossil fuels; coal, gas and oil is over. It is time for renewable energy to power our communities now.

That is the Power of Country.